Thanks for dropping by. What exactly is going on here I hear you ask? Well you’ve come to the right place. Read on…

What are CryptoSpudz?

CryptoSpudz is an NFT collection of 9,999 unique computer generated characters. Each character has been created from a random selection of attributes, resulting in a unique piece of digital art, each with its own collection of traits that describe it. Proof of ownership is stored on the Polygon blockchain and the characters are available to trade on the digital marketplace OpenSea.

Oh NFTs, I know about them, they’re all the rage. Are you like that Lame Ape Boat Gang thing?

CryptoSpudz take their inspiration from a number of existing NFT collections. The most obvious one being the now legendary Crypto Punks but also from Weird Whales by the young Benyamin Ahmed and from some lesser known but equally influential NFT projects like BitBirds / NFT Birds and Tiny Dinos.

You may even see a nod to some of these projects in the CryptoSpudz collection…

Cool… so who are you?

I’m the CryptoSpud maker. Just a regular spud with an interest in coding, blockchain and art in both digital and non-digital forms. What started as a simple idea to bring these interests together has snowballed into a full on passion project which has culminated in the birth of the CryptoSpudz.

OK, tell me more about traits.

Like pretty much all existing NFT collections, CryptoSpudz have a huge number of traits which describe what a spud is composed of. They represent the individual parts that make up the entire image, adding meaning and depth to the character and bringing the spud to life, which in turn makes for a much richer, interesting and fun collection.

Can I get an example?

Sure. Let’s take a look at me -

CryptoSpud Maker

Here are my spud’s traits -

category trait
spud type spud
hair colour midnight black hair
footwear trainers
eye colour brown eyes
eye wide eyes
eyebrows natural raised eyebrows
nose button nose
hair no hair
mouth thin smiling lips
trait count 9 traits

There are a number of trait categories in addition to the ones shown here including headgear, eyewear, facial hair, makeup, jewellery as well as categories for riding and holding objects. And for each category there are countless traits.

How many traits are we talking?

There are literally hundreds of traits. Like a lot of traditional NFT collections, there are different hair styles (over 40 styles), hats (over 30 styles) and eyewear (over 20 styles). Some spudz are also holding an object of which there are over 60 different types. When you add the number of different rings and bracelets, makeup, facial expressions from different eye, nose and mouth combinations you end up with a really rich and interesting collection.

The eagle-eyed among you will also notice variations within these traits…

Oh now you’ve got my attention. What about rarity?

Traits vary in rarity and there is a whole range across the entire collection of spudz. The more rare the trait, the more desirable the spud. Some spudz have traits that may be shared by a high number of spudz and some have traits that are much less common. Some traits are so rare that only a handful of spudz have them. And some traits are totally unique, belonging to only one spud in the entire collection, making them super rare.

To whet your appetite, the category ‘spud type’ can be one of ‘spud’ (representing male spudz), ‘spudette’ (representing female spudz), ‘zombie’ or ‘alien’. There are only 95 zombies and 20 aliens in the entire collection. Have a browse on OpenSea to get a better idea of all traits.

What’s the weird long line of random characters in the Spud description?

That’s the Spud DNA - a unique sequence of characters that contains all the information required to regenerate the Spud. The DNA can be fed into the Spud generation algorithm to produce an exact clone of the Spud. The DNA can optionally be put on chain if so desired - drop me a message if you’d like to do this.

Awesome. Is there anything else I need to know?

While the artwork was being designed, it became apparent that certain combinations of traits created spudz that had a passing resemblance to people and celebrities in real life. From actors and musicians to politicians and iconic fictional characters. So keep your eyes peeled and be sure to shout if you happen to spot a look-a-like… or a spud-u-like as I prefer to call them.

Maybe these spudz are the most valuable of all…